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What do i do with you? by RavanaB1 What do i do with you? :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 2 0 Vampire!Eren x Hunter!Ellena by RavanaB1 Vampire!Eren x Hunter!Ellena :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 3 0 Happy Birthday Katia!!! by RavanaB1 Happy Birthday Katia!!! :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 3 2
Max Jaeger Bio

Name: Max Jaeger
Meaning: Latin
NickName: Maxy ( Sophia )
Age: 4
Gender: Male
Birthday: August 3
Birthplace: Wall Sina
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Languages: English, German
Life Long Dream: Go outside
Status: Alive
Likes: Ellena, Eren, Apple, Soup, Naps, Flowers, Blankets
Dislikes: Insects, People Being rude,
Bad Habits: None
Hobbies: Reading, Baking,
Fear: Losing Family
Personality: Kind, Sweet, Nice, Playful, Funny,
Favorites: None
Food: Apples, Mom soup, Bread, Pudding,
Color: Hazel
Season: Summer
Time of day: Night Person
Appearance -
Height: 120cm
Weight: 58lbs
Hair Style: Short
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel But changes to turquoise or brown
Skin Tone: a little Pale
Birthmarks: None
Scars: none
Voice Actress-
Japanese- Kaji Yuki
English- J Michael Tatum
Health -
Memory: No issues
Sight: No Glasses
Mental: No Issues
Physical: He's fine
Sleep Patterns: Has dreams about titans eating his mom and friends and dad
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 0
[SWM] About Ellena

Name: Ellena Wilburn
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Gem: Green Turquoise
Class: Wings Class
Personality: Ellena Is a sweet young girl, she is shy and quiet. She is smart and kind.
History: Ellena joined the academy with Nico, Professor Ace Kaiser invited them. Ellena who past the exam, also she past the flying colors. She also received her green turquoise gem.
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 0
Chibi Sonya [Gift] by RavanaB1 Chibi Sonya [Gift] :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 2 Girls Day Out by RavanaB1 Girls Day Out :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 2
Attack on titan Season 2 The Honeymoon
Erens Pov: I was sitting in a chair drinking tea I was with my wife ellena me and her were married. I wanted to marry her for humanity or maybe I just love and wanting to marry her.
Once I was done with my drink I put it in the sink and rinsed it out, then I heard footsteps. I looked behind me seeing ellena running to the balcony. I walked towards her and smiled. " Wow This feels amazing " she said Smiling.
" Yeah it is " I said. I smiled to her. " Smell the fresh air Eren It feels amazing out here " She said.
I put my arms around ellenas neck and kissed her cheek. " Hey " She said. " Isn't this house beautiful " She said.
"Yeah " I said. " Its just me and you " I said to her. " Yeah me and you " she said. she kissed my lips and smiled.
" Im so glad were together " she said.
" Yeah " I said. Her Dark brown eyes shined and her long brown hair shined to.
" Lets do something " she said.
" Okay what do you want to do " I said. " lets go out " she said squealing. she took my hand and ranned
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 0
Sophia Jaeger Bio

Name: Sophia Jaeger
Meaning: Wisdom
Nickname: Sophie
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Birthday: December 18
Birthplace: Wall Sina
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Language: English, German, Spanish, French
Life Long Dream: To go to outside with family
Status: Alive
Likes: Cooking, Picking flowers, Washing clothes, Baking, Walking with her mother, Jean, Connie, Sasha, Insects,
Dislikes: People being mean to her, Levi, Mikasa, Reiner, Bertolt, People rude, Hitting,
Bad Habits: She bites her nails
Hobbies: Reading, Hunting, Baking, Drawing
Fear: Losing her family
Personality: Kind, Positive, Nice, Intelligence, Brave, Smart, Polite, Sometimes mean
Food: Soup, Tea, Apples, Potatos, Bread, Meat, Homemade Bread
Color: Green
Season: Winter
Time of day: Nighttime
Height: 151cm
Weight: 48lbs
Hairstyle: Short but puts it up
Haircolor: Black
Eyecolor: Turquiose Changes to Green
Skintone: Looks like her dads Eren
Birthmarks: None
Scars: One on her arm
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 0
Sarah Winchester
 Her Clothes
 Her Demon Eyes
Her WeaponHer Satchel
Her House
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 0 0
Sam x Sarah The Second French Mistake
Sarahs Pov: I was sleeping on the couch, sam was in the kitchen doing some research on his. I got up from the couch and went over to sam. " Hey Honey, What research are you searching" I said. He looked at me. " You know it sarah " Sam Said. " No I don't " I said. I went over to grab my jacket and my rapier sword. I heard my phone ringing on the couch I went over to the couch and looked on phone there was a text message from dean.
Dean: I need you and sam to come Now!!!
Sarah: Dean don't yell at me on my phone what is it
Dean: Just come Please!! Its a Problem
Sarah: Okay Were Coming
Dean: Okay See you there
After i was done texting dean i went to sam and told him we have to go, " Sam we Have to go " i said. " Why? " He said. " Dean needs us he says he has a problem " i said to him. " Okay " He said. " Lets Go " Sam Said. Sam and Me went out to my car and Drove.
After that we saw bunch of people sam eyes was popped out. Mine too. " Wheres Dean " i said. " Lets Get out " Sam Said. :
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 0 0
Snk Survey Corps High Oc Ellena Wilburn
Name: Ellena Wilburn
Age: 15
Birthday: July 4th
Gender: Female
HomeTown: Wall Maria
Current Residence: Wall Sina
Occupation: Student, Baker ( Bakes with Veena )
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Birth Order: First Child Born
Best Friends: Veena (:iconvhenyfire:) Eren, Armin, Sasha, Connie, Jean, Annie,
Worst Enemy: Levi
Height: 163cm
Weight: 53kg
Race: Skinny
EyeColor: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Style: Down but puts it up
Glasses or contacts: None
Skin Color: Skinny
Likes: Eren, Veena, Jean, Reading, Music, Dancing, Sing, Draw, Cook, Talk with friends, Piano
Dislikes: Mikasa, Levi, Bad Grades, People being rude, Bullying,
Color: Any
Season: Winter, Summer
Distinguishing Features: 4 scars on her back
Siblings: Sonia Ackerman ( Foster Sister, Alive ) Gary Wilburn ( Brother Alive )
Strengths: She is good at writing, reading, and drawing.
Weakness: Bad at Tests
Personality: Smart, Shy, Nice, Helpful, Kind, Positive, Friendly
Hobbies: Writing, Dancing, Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Reading,
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 0 0
Sonia Ackerman Bio

Name: Sonia Ackerman
Meaning: Sonia means Russian and Greek
NickName: Sonya (Ellena)
Alias: Any
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Birthday: May 5th
Birthplace: Wall Maria
Current Residence: Wall Sina
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Martial Status: Single
Languages: English, Germany
Life Long Dream: Find her Family, Explore Outside
Goal: Defend Everything, Kill the titans
Affiliation: Recon Corps
Former Affiliation: Trainee
Grad. Rank: 1st
Status: Alive
Number Titans Killed: 60
Solo: 12
Team: 5
Likes: Ellena, Friends, Books, Killing, Draw, Sewing, Eren, Jobs, Reading, Family, Cats and Dogs,
Dislikes: Titans, Reiner, Bertholdt, Mikasa, Spiders, Snakes, Bugs, People Being rude and mean, Levi
BadHabits: Biting her nails
Love Interest: Levi
Hobbies: Sewing, Hunting, Cooking, Reading, Drawing, Killing, Crafting, Singing,
Fear: Titans Killing Anyone
Personality: Kind, Anti Social, Nice, Helpful, Sarcastic, Joyful,
EnglishVoice: Gracey Kelly
:iconravanab1:RavanaB1 0 2
Eren x Ellena Partners by RavanaB1 Eren x Ellena Partners :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 3 0 Im Sorry by RavanaB1 Im Sorry :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 1 0 Eren and Ellena by RavanaB1 Eren and Ellena :iconravanab1:RavanaB1 3 0





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today is my birthday im turning 30 years old im going to have a wonderful birthday today and having a big birthday party.


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
I like anime I like to draw sing dance and im about to become a actor I like eren jaeger attack on titan
I love Eren Jaeger
Rin Okumura
All anime characters I like Sebby Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Attack On Titan Stamp: Eren by wow1076 :thumb391684954: Attack On Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Jurassic Park Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Here are some more things about me:
I am Funny
My Mom calls me raptor girl cause I make a raptor sound belive me I do
I can sing very well just my voices goes low sometimes
I am Supernatural Fan
I like sam
I like peoples drawings
I am a Writer who writes stories with my ocs
Im Getting ready to become a actor
Im a Gamer
I love Pewdiepie, Cutiepie, Deadlox, Skydoesminecraft, Ssundee, And others!!!! :)
i get A's and B's :)
Im good at Science sometimes im bad at history i hate doing essays Im good with reading and Im awesome at Art
Anime is my life
I love my family so much
I like to go to church
i love to read manga books, and others
I use a microphone
I do Tennis tennis is my sport
i love Swimming so much
I love cats and horses
Attack on titan is my life
My bestfriends are Gracey, Hannah Iheartereri, Landra15, and Helena
I never been at comic con but watch videos of it
i like to dance so much to exercise
Im a Tenchology person
I have one brother
I like music so much and Mp3
I wish i could see the dinosaurs before they extinct
Im crazy Nice, Positive
i pair Eren x Ellena
Sam x Sarah
I love fairs and carnivals
I suck at basketball!!?
I have a little baby kitten name Bella right now
My Cats names are: Gary i lost Named from spongebob i named him , Macey i lost i named it from maceys shop, Sugar RAN AWAY Baby got run over i got mad and sad, Princess Got her from my neighbor she gave me Princess had babys you know what i named them:)
Mikasa, Armin, and Petra plus she had a calico cat i named her SASHA!!! MY FAVOURITE GIRL
Sasha ran away i hope nobody hurt her if they did ill go mad and sad:( We got Gracie from someone and then we have right now Bella the little kitten and i have one cat that's indoor her name is carmal.
One Dog: Eren i named from aot :)
You can call me Faith or Frenchie Frenchie is my nickname I hope spelt it correct
I speak English Japanese, Spanish, I do not speak French because my last name is French Star Wars Skin 1 Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Hunger Games Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Traditional Artist Button by Kyu-Dan Supernatural Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sasha (Attack on Titan) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Homestuck Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Female Button by ButtonsMaker
Eren Yeager Fan Button V1.1 by Natakiro
Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Sword Art Online Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker Puella Magi Madoka Magica Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Nintendo Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Kingdom Hearts Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Kakashi Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Kagamine Rin Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Pokemon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker I Love Anime Button by Kyu-Dan
YouTube Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Cry Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Kawaii Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
FanFic Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Uzumaki Naruto Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Hatsune Miku Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
PewDiePie Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
PewDieCry Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Free! Fan Button by ButtonsMaker Hetalia Fan Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker :thumb401850665: good friend stamps 8 by dauntiemagic
I support yandere by VAlZARD
Not a weeaboo stamp by Rhoey OC Love Stamp by rynoki Owl stamp by Evanatt Cats are Angels Stamp by Mirz123 stamp template by Basti93 tardis stamp by Timelady-Ari18 Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae I Support Fantasy Art stamp by Asenceana Shy Stamp by Neko-Musume Coffee Stamp by CarinaReis A Mouse Artist Stamp by nirman Stamp Template by Birvan Rainy Days Stamps by Pooky-Stamps
My Aot Top 3 Guys:
Eren - SNK Eren Stamp by RoxyOxygen :thumb391684954: :Eren Fan-Attack On Titans Stamp: by KC-Stamps Eren Stamp by RevivalSnK Eren stamp by Superpluplush Attack On Titan Stamp: Eren by wow1076
Armin- Armin Stamp by RevivalSnK Armin Stamp by Superpluplush :thumb447226652:
Reiner- Reiner Braun stamp by LadyEmpathy Reiner Stamp 2 by Reiner-X-Atashi
My Top 3 Aot Girls:
Sasha- SNK Sasha Stamp by RoxyOxygen :thumb391684969: Attack On Titan Stamp: Sasha Barus 5 by wow1076
Christa- SNK Historia Stamp by RoxyOxygen :thumb390894554:
Annie- :thumb391684913: SnK  Annie  stamp by SamThePenetrator
Who I Ship
:thumb518162014: :thumb391762692:


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